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Why Karillon you say? This is a play on words. Carillon is an instrument with 23 bells, played with fists and feet. Makes a right noise much like me. It's a musical instrument and this site is intended for those in the entertainment industry, both performing and playing music.

The website was created to host a dump of stuff on making your own sound and lighting from my own designs. I thought it would benefit the youth in the entertainment industry today, to have an insight into the early sound and lighting from the 60's onwards, and so some of this is included. Most of this is recollection as yours truly started doing stuff back in the sixties. This is a personal and local view from my own perspective. There is quite a bit of info here so take your time and browse through. I hope the site has something usefull for you.

M.Ginda 1960's Back in the sixties I looked like this.

A more modern me, complete with face hair.

If you want to know more about my past concerning disco, then be prepared to be bored silly and go to the next pages.

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