Here you will find some info about the disco scene from the 60's to the 80's. It's all in my head guvnor, memories of an old DJ. There is some stuff on early lighting effects and who to thank for them, what kind of gear was available (sound and lighting), and there is something for the technobots or diy among you. This includes service info, schematics and diy projects.
Make a lighting effect or build some sound/control gear on the cheap from junk.
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Oil Wheels & Kinetic Projector Effects (A Bit of History) Oil Wheel History
Looking back at lighting equipment Look Back at Lighting Equipment
Looking back at sound gear Look Back at Sound Equipment
Servicing Effects Projectors Servicing Projectors
Service & schematics info for equipment (Transistor) AUDIO Service Info for Semiconductor based equipment
Service & schematics info for equipment (valve based) AUDIO Service Info for Valve based equipment
Service & schematics info for equipment LIGHTING Service info for Lighting
DIY Projects for Lighting DIY Projects for Lighting
9. DIY Projects for Audio DIY Projects for Sound Gear
JINGLES 60's jingles for you to listen to DIY Projects for Lighting
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A note about copywrite......I have tried to find publishers or anyone i can get, but some of this content is very old now. If you see your work here and it's an issue, contact me. I will either change, acknowledge or remove it.

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